Probiotics with seawater


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    Dietary supplement made up of isotonic seawater, probiotics and calcium.
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The first probiotic with seawater


Quinton Medical Probiotic Digest Health is an innovative dietary supplement made up of two parts: the first, 800 mg of a probiotic blend; and a second part, 25 ml of isotonic Quinton seawater. The combination of both specialities in a single oral supplement makes it the first probiotic with seawater on the market.

Probiotic supplements are a biological aid aimed at maintaining, restoring or modifying the gut microbiota, whose proper functioning is essential for good health.

The probiotic species that make up the blend used in Quinton Medical Probiotic Digest Health (Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Kluyveromyces marxianus) have been separated from the intestinal microbiota of healthy subjects.

After a scale-up phase to test their stability and study their functional qualities in digestive pathology, they are then cultivated on an industrial scale in fermenters. In a final phase, the entire industrial culture is freeze-dried so that all its qualities remain stable and intact. .

Why combine probiotics with seawater?


Probiotics are live cultures of gut bacteria whose proper consumption can accelerate the process of gut recolonisation, thus providing health benefits to the digestive tract.1

Lactobacillus rhamnosus is one of the most studied probiotics, a species residing in the intestine of humans and other animals. Kluyveromyces marxianus is a yeast belonging to a new generation of probiotics. The use of both strains together is the subject of several clinical studies.2,3

The intestinal microbiota is made up of tiny micro-organisms that are essential for the well-being of all higher organisms. The gut flora takes advantage of the flow of nutrients from the food consumed by its host, as well as benefiting from the other environmental conditions that allow it to grow and stabilise.4

The gut microbiota facilitates the digestion of some foods by synthesising and releasing enzymes, or by promoting the activation of gene expression related to nutrient absorption and metabolism in cells of the intestinal epithelium.4

The combination of probiotics and Quinton isotonic seawater, a polyelectrolyte solution that, due to its chloride content, promotes digestive processes, making Quinton Medical Probiotic Digest Health an innovative solution to manage intestinal microbiota problems.

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RGSEAA 26.04112/A

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