Who was René Quinton?

Meet the man who discovered the therapuetic benefits of seawater

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Isotonic seawater, a source of equilibrium

Discover the properties of seawater diluted down to mineral isotonicity

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The potential of hypertonic seawater

Discover the multiple benefits of seawater in its purest state

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What is Marine Therapy?


Quinton’s Marine Therapy is a cell nutrition technique which aims to improve people’s overall health. Seawater - produced using an original protocol - is an exclusive and unique product created by the French biologist and physiologist Rene Quinton.

  • Extracted from phytoplankton vortexes in the Golf of Vizcaya.
  • Rich in minerals and other elements.
  • Undergoes cold microfiltration, following the AQP protocol to keep all its original properties intact.

The historical context of Marine Therapy


Classical schools of thought already spoke of the sea’s regenerative power, but it wasn't until the end of the 19th century, when the biologist and physiologist René Quinton carried out clinical trials that demonstrated that seawater, reduced to an isotonic state, is similar to human’s extracellular fluid.

Numerous studies and more than one hundred years of hospital practice endorse the fact that seawater, treated correctly using the protocol discovered by Quinton, benefits our organism’s homeostatic balance.

The sea’s regenerative power: Marine Therapy reconstructs damaged cells


Rene Quinton's basic therapy was to reconstruct the damaged cell using seawater, a vital medium whose mineralization is still identical to our extracellular fluid.

The therapeutic capabilities of Marine Therapy are based on the fact that the quality of organic water is essential to maintain the hydromineral balance of our cells.

Thanks to the bioavailability of ions in Plasma de Quinton, there is a marked difference between its immediate and natural absorption versus the complex, incomplete and even harmful absorption of others, which can lead to metabolic imbalances and intoxication. Elements which are indispensable for life aren’t only present in a synergetic manner in seawater, but they are also bioavailable.

Marine Therapy’s mineral contribution


During the last few years, the mineral contribution of food has decreased notably in quality and quantity, which has caused our immune system to weaken more easily and caused us to be more prone to different illnesses and imbalances.

However, there is a second food chain that naturally populates the oceans, and from which we can extract the mineral nutrients that are no longer provided by industrial food sources. This is phytoplankton, the most important biomass on the planet. Thanks to the process of photosynthesis powered by sunlight, phytoplankton generates and releases all the minerals in existence and transfers them into the seawater. Zooplankton feed on this "natural marine biological garden", creating in turn a mass of elements that are bioavailable to the human organism, and it is thanks to marine biocenosis non-bioavailable mineral elements are transformed into bioavailable mineral elements.

Seawater that has been microfiltered using the AQP protocol contributes all the minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc.) and trace elements (manganese, selenium, iron, etc.) which are necessary for cell regeneration and nutrition in a bioavailable way thanks to its concentration, comparable to that of our extracellular fluid.