Nasal irrigation

The importance of nasal irrigations

  • Nasal irrigation is vitally important in the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. By cleaning the nasal passages, we can ensure adequate filtration, moistening and heating of the air we breathe; additionally, it contributes to the elimination of inflammatory agents and other harmful particles.
  • The Quinton Medical Nasal Health range of seawater sprays act as an auxiliary treatment for nasal congestion, colds, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, rhinopharyngitis and nasal dryness.

How to irrigate your nose using a seawater spray?


Using the Quinton Medical Nasal Health sprays for your daily nasal irrigations is very easy. Follow these instructions for proper use:

  • Before using the spray for the first time, you need to install the nozzle. To do this, press the nozzle against the top of the bottle until the first spray is produced.
  • Once you’ve successfully attached the nozzle, insert it into one of your nostrils (not too deep) and tilt your head to the opposite side. Press the nozzle and inhale until the nasal cavity is completely irrigated.
  • Repeat the process in the other nostril. At the end, blow your nose with a tissue, making sure that your nostrils are completely decongested.
  • When finished, clean the nozzle using soapy water and dry it.

Why is maintaining proper nasal hygiene so important?


Regular nose irrigations are essential to maintain the health of the nostrils, as this is a prime location for bacterial growth.

Excessive dryness of the membranes and abundant mucus are unfavourable factors for respiratory exchanges with the external environment. In cases of allergies, infections or colds, nasal congestion may develop. The mucous membranes fill up with water, swell and cause a stuffy nose.

Quinton Medical Nasal Health’s seawater nasal sprays moisturize the nasal passages, remove secretions and fight inflammation, helping the mucous membranes work properly. It preserves and supplies all the nutrients, minerals and ions present in seawater, which provide multiple health benefits to the respiratory system.

Benefits of seawater over saline solutions for nasal irrigation


Physiological saline solutions are commonly used for nasal irrigation, as they have a 0.9% salinity and their use would be appropriate. However, seawater goes a step further than saline solutions; it is the ideal and most used option for correct nasal hygiene. It is more effective at cleaning the nose thanks to its greater osmotic effect, as its salt content is higher.

Quinton Medical’s seawater sprays are the best alternative for cleaning the nasal passages of mucus and germs while avoiding nasal congestion. This seawater solution is shown to hydrate and clean the nasal cavities of allergens or irritants. The Quinton Medical range of nasal sprays consists of two products with an isotonic concentration (a nasal spray for adults and another adapted for paediatric use) and a hypertonic spray (with 2.1% salinity).


Nasal irrigations for children and babies


Correct nasal irrigations in babies and children aid breathing and avoids possible annoying infections.

Maintaining proper nasal hygiene is highly recommended when a child or baby has a stuffy nose. In this case, in addition to helping them breathe better, it will prevent the accumulation of mucus, also preventing the development of uncomfortable symptoms which are common in children, such as sinusitis or otitis.

Quinton Medical Nasal Health’s Baby Spray is the ideal nasal spray for paediatric use. It is a 100% natural, cold microfiltered isotonic seawater solution that moisturizes the nasal mucosa and facilitates the removal of nasal secretions from a baby or child who is under 6 years of age.

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