Benefits of seawater for the eyes


  • Alleviates dry eyes.
  • Helps prevent infections and inflammation.
  • Excellent natural lubricant for the surface of the eye and the ocular adnexa.
  • Similar composition to that of natural tears.
  • Aids in reestablishing the correct moisture levels in a natural way.
  • Provides an immediate alleviating and fresh sensation.

Isotonic seawater eye spray.


Quinton Medical Eye Health isotonic seawater solution is ideal for optimal eye hygiene. Additionally, as a sanitary product, it is suitable for the symptomatic treatment of dry eye, helping with blurry vision, burning sensation, redness, itchiness, abrasive sensations, sand or dirt in the eye, eye fatigue, light sensitivity and watery eyes.

Our seawater is isotonic with respect to our bodily liquids and the pH of the tears that our glands naturally produce. However, natural tears have a salinity of 14 grams per litre and, thus, have a higher concentration of salt than Quinton Medical Eye Health seawater sprays. This explains the relief felt after spraying the eye with the Quinton isotonic seawater solution, which has a lower concentration of salts than our tears.

100% pure seawater is a solution which is rich in mineral salts and trace elements, which is why it is very healthy to use it to clean the ocular surface.

Since our eyes are very sensitive organs, it is important to properly choose the product that will provide relief and naturally re-establish moisture levels to the ocular surface. The best choice would be pure seawater which has undergone cold microfiltration..


Why is hydrating your eyes important?


Being consistent with eye hydration is the key to good eye health. In this respect, the isotonic seawater solution is one of the best natural lubricants and using it ensures that your eyes are always hydrated, lubricated, clean and protected.

Eye hydration and the production of tears are necessary to eliminate foreign matter in the eye, nourish it and help reduce the risk of eye infections. When eyes stop producing tears, they no longer lubricate correctly and run the risk of developing dry eye, eye fatigue and vision problems.

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