Seawater Eye Sprays


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    Isotonic solution composed of 100% natural seawater spray. Recommended for the symptomatic treatment of dry eye.

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Seawater for ocular health


Eye hygiene is very important as it helps avoid inflammatory and infectious diseases. At Quinton, we have created a new medical product which aids in correct eye hygiene, the Quinton Medical Eye Health Spray.

The seawater in our eye spray is in isotonicity with the liquids of the human organism and with the pH of the tears that our glands naturally produce. However, natural tears have slightly higher salinity than the Quinton Medical Eye Health eye spray, which explains the feeling of relief produced after the eye is sprayed with the isotonic solution.

Recommended preventative measures and treatments for better ocular health


Our Quinton Medical Eye Health eye spray is recommended for the symptomatic treatment of dry eye: blurry vision, burning sensation, itchiness, redness, gritty or abrasive sensation, foreign body or dirt in the eye, light sensitivity, vision fatigue and watery eyes.

Symptomatic treatment for dry eye

Daily eye irrigation

Blurry vision

Burning sensation, redness and itchiness in the eye

Certifications which guarantee
the quality of our seawater sprays