Nasal benefits of seawater


  • Helps alleviate the symptoms of rhinitis and COPD and aids in nasal decongestion.
  • Helps eliminate mucus in the nasal cavity.
  • Prepares and cleans the nasal cavity before the application of other substances.
  • Organic compounds in seawater regulate the immune system in the digestive tract, which plays a central role in our body’s immunity.
  • Seawater promotes the flourishing of gut microbiota and prevents the presence of pathogenic microorganisms.

Beneficial Effects of Seawater on the Mucous Membranes.


Seawater has important and noticeable positive effects on the mucous membranes. As the mucous membranes have very little keratin, seawater can aid in the permeation of substances.

Using seawater for the nasal irrigation of the mucous membranes also helps keep the nose cilia healthy. Cilia are small structures which are like microscopic hairs. They help moisten the air which goes to the lungs, trap bacteria to prevent it from entering cells and further our sense of smell. Seawater can also help treat rhinitis, sinusitis and other conditions by keeping the cilia healthy.

Many people suffer from nasal congestion because of a cold or flu or suffer from nasal dryness due to dry air and heat, among other factors. Cleaning the nasal cavity and restoring its moisture are effective ways of alleviating and preventing symptoms related to nasal conditions. The saline nasal spray is a comfortable, convenient and safe remedy..


Seawater Sprays for Nasal Hygiene.


Proper nasal hygiene helps eliminate excess mucus and irritants found inside the nose. This can help reduce inflammation and alleviate bothersome symptoms.

Rinsing your nose with seawater drains and cleans your nasal cavities. Seawater irrigation can be done more often in cases of chronic nasal congestion without there being any adverse side effects.

As shown in the Papsin et al. (2003) study, applying seawater to the nose has excellent benefits and is well tolerated by people who suffer from sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.

he saline solution used for the Quinton Medical nasal spray line is made entirelyfrom natural seawater. It goes through a cold microfiltration process twice, following the European Pharmacopoeia’s guidelines. Therefore, its application and use in daily nasal cleaning are very beneficial.

It has been demonstrated that thorough nasal hygiene is in one’s best interest, as seawater is effective at reducing the number of infections and other complications which can arise from the accumulation of different substances and exogenous factors, such as microorganisms and other substances acquired through environmental pollution. The use of seawater for nasal hygiene has been shown to lead to a higher tolerance to harmful substances.

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