Seawater Ampoules


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    100% natural hypertonic seawater ampoules with a sea salt concentration of 33 g/l.

    Ref: PT201
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    100% natural isotonic seawater ampoules with a sea salt concentration of 9 g/l.

    Ref: PT200
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The advantages of our packaging


10 ml seawater ampoules are the historical packaging associated with our laboratories. Thanks to the quality of glass, it is also the ideal packaging format to preserve the beneficial qualities of our Plasma and Duplase products.

Glass Packaging


Glass packaging is the best way to preserve the quality of our seawater ampoules, keeping the quality of their content intact until the moment of consumption.

36 Drinkable Ampoules


Each box has 36 seawater ampoules inside, making it much more covenient to take on the go and also reduces the use of other materials such as cardboard.

Tamper-Proof System


Our boxes have a tamper-proof packaging system that, once closed, can only be opened when it's going to be used. In this way, we guarantee that the box always arrives complete and in optimum storage conditions.

100% Recyclable


Both the seawater ampoules made of glass and the cardboard boxes used in the packaging make our products 100% recyclable.

Instructions For Use


The breakable ampoules have 2 bands at their tips. To make it easier to open them, we recommend breaking the ampoules according to the following instructions.


With the help of the Quinton protective disk, take one of the 2 tips of the seawater vial between your thumb and forefinger at the height of the ring. Move the ampoule away from the glass and break the tip with a swift movement.


Place the open tip on the glass and break the second tip as before.


Save the protective disk for future use.

Certifications that guarantee
the quality of our seawater ampoules