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    Isotonic solution composed of 100% natural seawater spray. Recommended for the symptomatic treatment of dry eye.

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All Quinton Medical seawater sprays have been awarded recognition as healthcare products.

They are the perfect example of a blend of both innovation and practicality: different spray formats that are adapted for each body part (the nostrils, skin, eyes) and prepared to relieve any sympton as and when needed.

Advantages of our sprays


Bag-on-valve system


Our seawater sprays are stored in a bag-on-valve system. We use valves produced in clean rooms, which allow us to separate the product from the propellant gas at any time, preserving the quality until the expiration date.

Don't contain harmful gases


Our Quinton Medical sprays don't contain CFC gases that damage the ozone layer.

Take it with you anywhere


All our seawater sprays have a maximum size of 100ml, so they can be comfortably carried inside a handbag on any trip.

100% recyclable


Both the spray and the carton packaging of our Quinton Medical products are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Certifications that guarantee
the quality of Quinton Medical products